Hedgelaying is a country craft which has been practiced for hundreds of years but it is just as relevant today as it always has been.
Although agriculture has seen vast technological advances there is still no machine which can replicate the work of the Hedge-layer.
The National Hedgelaying Society is the only conservation organisation dedicated to maintaining the traditional skills of hedgerow management.
Please help support our work by helping to promote the importance of good hedgerow management or better still join the society and contribute to the future of the countryside.

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36th NHLS Championship & Country Show
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torn away"
A poem by
Marc Philippart of
Leiden, Netherlands
translated from Dutch
Afflliated groups please send your local match dates for 2014-15 (click to link)

This year's championships were held at Hough-On-The-Hill, Lincolnshire on the 25th October.
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NHLS Supreme Champion 2014
Mr Gwyn Davis
(HRH Cup + NFU Trophy
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